Thank you to everyone who participated!

SASSS Symposium 2017

University of Pretoria, Prinshof Campus

21-25 June 2017

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The opportunity to attend the surgical symposium was one I would never forget. I was able to learn things that most students would only learn after the qualify, and some not even then. It made me realise how incredible the field of medicine actually is and increased my passion for health care even more.

Wilme SteynExecutive Committee: TSSS, SASSS, IASSS

The experience is an absolute must! You have to attend the surgical symposium. The surgical skills you learn are beyond compare and the people you meet are amazing. I would really encourage each and every single medical student to join the symposium.

Rutger van GrutingExecutive Committee: TSSS, SASSS, IASSS

The surgical symposium in Namibia reminded me of why I wanted to study medicine. It gave me a chance to experience/practice skills that we don't get to do while studying. It excited me about the future that lies beyond medical school.

Twané BesterLiason Officer: TSSS. Committee: IASSS

The experience IASSS/SASSS Symposium 2016 provided me, is one that I still savour to this day. The knowledge and practice gained at the symposium at my level improved both my understanding of surgery and the practice thereof, with a focus on Global surgery and unforgettable social events. Getting to experience something like this is indescribable, definitely an event to attend every year!

Armand KoekemoerExecutive Committee: TSSS, Committee: IASSS